Anders Bast: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Petter Hängsel: trombone
Mathias Wedeken:bass
Rasmus Lund: drums

Press reviews for "brood“ (Gateway, QPLP-002, 2013):

Ivan Rod, Gaffa.dk
Very clearly a jazz-profile that oozes style and playfulness […] Changing between really delicate and brutally loud passages, the tunes nevertheless seem nicely coherent. […] Demanding, challenging, atypical. read whole review (danish language)

Press reviews for "becoming" (Gateway, QPLP-001, 2012):

Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske Tidende, 5/6 stars
Yet today's - musically speaking - strongest vinyl release comes from Quarterpounder, a quartet led by bassist and composer Mathias Wedeken. It is music of both rousing and forceful character, where composition and improvisation breathtakingly weave in and out. Mathias Wedeken delivers really cool bass playing […]read whole review (danish language)

Bruce Lindsay, allaboutjazz.com
The bassist's fellow musicians form a hard-hitting and high-energy trio, well-suited to the demands of his compositions. Petter Hängsel's rasping trombone and Anders Bast's assertive tenor saxophone complement each other well, while Wedeken's bass and Rasmus Lund's drums make a formidable rhythm section.[…]This is a band with an awareness of the music's past, as well as a sound that bodes well for its future.read whole review

Quarterpounders music is a playful, yet disciplined mix of such adverse influences as twelvetone music, country, and powerpop. It is jazz with rock energy. It can be really loud, really soft, and lots of things in between. You'll never leave one of their concerts bored, but maybe you've found yourself a new favorite band. The two horns in the frontline play together magically, as if their minds were connected with high-speed and no-latency. They are grounded and supported by a super-flexible pianoless rhythm section, that makes the often complex multi-metric tunes, like the quirky "Another Boring Day At The Institute", sound almost like pop songs.
But there is a softer side- the fragile, delicate ballads, like "If It Was…", have a moody and dark film-noir quality to them and show the band's ability to play beautiful melodies.

23.02.2013 :: Quarterpounder im KKI-Laboratorium from Achttausend Eins on Vimeo.